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The Founder and Chancellor

Rev. Gemechis Desta Buba (Ph.D,) is the founder and chancellor of Leadstar Christian University. As a Chancellor and Executive Board, he oversees the entire management of the university, strategic planning and development, etc.  Rev. Dr. Gemechis Desta has played a key role in the development of the vision of the university. He has committed his life to the ministry of the church and church leaders’ empowerment through Leadstar Christian University and various church leaders’ empowerment programs. He has made a significant impact within the religious organization and the community at large. His leadership, dedication to leadership development, and passion for holistic ministry have enabled numerous individuals to serve effectively and make a positive difference in the lives of others.

About LCU

Leadstar Christian University is a Christian institution with full accreditation. The accreditation is received from Ethiopian Council of Gospel Believers Church.

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The Leadstar Christian University traces its establishment to 2016 even though theology was one of the faculties founded under Leadstar College of Management and Leadership from the year 2012. Theology was offered on a distance basis back then. The primary objective of the faculty was to meet the need for trained human power both in Ethiopia and beyond. The Leadstar Christian University went through various transitions from a faculty with few instructors and students to a full-fledged university.

The name “Leadstar Theological College (LTC)” was coined in 2016 and the college began its work as an independent entity. LTC started its teaching activities with two to three full-time workers and a maximum of four part-time instructors and had about 80 students. At present, the organization is renamed as Leadstar Christian University and it trains more than 1500 students from all over Ethiopia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Arab Emirates, etc. There are more than forty centers across the country, well-established administrative and faculty offices, good academic library both at Leadstar Christian University and Leadstar College of Leadership and Management; it has also a digital library with more than 30,000 copies of books. 

The day-to-day operation of the college is directed by the directors of the six different departments. The college has an academic commission comprised of department heads, board members elected from different denominations, theologians, and church leaders.

The Leadstar Christian University has initiated a doctorate degree online classes from November 2022. Besides, it is organizing different short-term training on various leadership and theological issues.

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